I know i should use more reliable contraception in future, to be honest it was a freak thing... but right now i have no clue what to do, i'm completely alone and my parents will never talk to me again if i am pregnant because a situation like this has arisen before


I honestly don’t think you’re pregnant, it’s a lot harder than you think to get pregnant. I’m pretty sure you have to conceive around the week before your period when you’re fertile to become pregnant and even at that it can be hard.
If you are pregnant on the other hand it won’t show up for 2/3 weeks, I think. I’m no expert at this sweetie but as far as I know I think I’m about right.
Of course, there are options such as an abortion if that’s okay for you or adoption. If you’re parents don’t support you they’re stupid cunts. You’re their daughter who they’re supposed to love no matter what, the amount of shit I’ve brought to my mothers front door and she still loves and supports me so If your parents don’t, screw them! Xo


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Hey, was wondering if i could get advice. I'm 17 and my bf and i had sex for the second time three days ago. He used a condom and there were no problems that i'm aware of but i'm still terrified that i might be pregnant.. what should i do?


Personally I think you should look into more reliable contraception methods like the pill. You can go to your doctor and asked to be prescribed it sweetheart and they’ll run through how it works with you. Xo


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